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Termite Prevention

Stopping Termites in Their Tracks Preventing a termite infestation should be a primary concern of all home (and business) owners –especially in those areas most prone to termite activity. The cost of termite prevention will always be more manageable than killing a mature colony and then fixing the damage of a widespread invasion—even when theRead More

Termite Companies

The Professionals It is estimated that one in three US households use pesticides in an attempt to control pests including termites and that one in five households in the country eventually hire a professional termite extermination company to deal with an infestation. Termites do upwards of 3 billion dollars of economic damage every year inRead More

How to Kill Termites

The Secrets of Finally Eradicating These Insects The ideal solution is one that will kill termites already infesting your home and which will stop the problem from occurring again in the future.Once you’ve gotten the bad news that your property has been invaded by termites, the next decision is how best to deal with theRead More

Termite Spray

What is a Termite Spray? Termite sprays are a popular barrier method of termite treatment which can be broadly broken down into two classifications: repellent and non-repellent. Termite sprays for wood are generally applied directly to buildings but the best and most effective spray treatments may be those that are deployed into the soil belowRead More

Termite Bait

Build a Better Termite Trap Traditional barrier methods, which consist of treating the soil around existing structures with pesticide (as well as treatment of reachable building components), are effective but problematic; it can be impossible to adequately permeate the ground evenly at a successful level, or access all parts of a home vulnerable to attack.TermiteRead More

Termite Control

Sharing Some Light on The Basics First: Don’t Panic Termites are a probably the insect with the most economically destructive impact in the world and come by their reputation honestly, but a well ordered plan of attack against an infestation is key to a successful outcome for the homeowner.Hearing that you have a termite problem—orRead More

Orange Oil

It’s All in the Peel: Orange Oil as a Termiticide There has been increasing attention given to naturally based alternatives to termite extermination in recent years, as the standard chemical pesticides have proven not only toxic to people, but harmful to the environment. One of the most promising of natural botanical pesticides is orange oil.Read More

Termite Colony

Living and Working Together: Termite Colonies Termites like bees and ants are nest or colony dwelling insects and are closely related in taxonomic terms to cockroaches. Like bees and ants they live in a rigid hierarchical social organization that goes by the scientific term “eusocial” which is generally characterized by: • Reproductive division of laborRead More

Flying Ants vs Termites

Winged Invaders: Termites vs. Flying Ants Termites inflict approximately $30 billion (US dollars) of physical damage a year and that harm being particularly pernicious because termites eat wood which can quickly undermine the structural integrity of any structure in which they nest. Carpenter ants do not consume wood or cellulose products, but rather only boreRead More

Termite Signs

Know the Signs of Termite Infestation Damage from termite infestation can destroy a home. In extreme cases of invasion by this pernicious pest, the complete structural integrity of homes has been lost—they’ve collapsed under the weight of the colony or had to be demolished because the insect damage was too severe to fix. To preventRead More

Termite Droppings

Getting the Scoop on Termite Poop While many types of animal and insect excrement can be considered potentially harmful and toxic, there is little danger to the public from termite poop per se. Termite droppings have, in fact been recognized to be rich in magnesium, and certain African tribes have been known historically to useRead More

Termite Extermination

At War with Termites: A History In non Western cultures today termites are often still consumed and considered a delicacy. Rich in protein and fat, a 100 gram serving of the insects provides 75 percent more calories than an equivalent serving of steak.Human beings have had a long and complicated history with termites. When prehistoricRead More

Termite Damage

Sighting the Enemy: How to Recognize the Signs of Termite Infestation It is in the best interests of every homeowner, even those living in so called “low risk for termites” locations to be able to recognize the tell tale termite damage signs. Better yet, every homeowner worth his salt should also be able to detectRead More

Termite Fumigation

Something in the Air: Termite Fumigation and Tenting In severe cases of termite infestation, often the only treatment available is termite fumigation. Sometimes called “termite tenting” this is a court of last resort albeit high effective means of eradicating a termite colony within a structure. What is Termite Fumigation? Broadly applied fumigation refers to theRead More

Termite Treatment Cost

Termites and Your Wallet: The Real Cost of Extermination There are No Easy Answers or Cheap Fixes: Because so many factors come into play regarding establishing an average cost for termite eradication, the best source of information regarding the true costs of termite extermination are often the price quotes of a professional service after aRead More

How to Get Rid of Termites

Giving Termites the Boot Know the Signs The first step in getting rid of termites is determining the existence of a colony as well as assessing the extent of the damage. A small infestation in beginning stages—while rarely discovered at this stage—may be manageable enough for a homeowner to deal with on their own, aRead More

Termite Exterminators

Who You Gonna Call? Bug busters! Not a Do-It-Yourself Proposition: When the economy is tough, most consumers pare down their spending to the bone and resort increasingly to do-it-yourself options. While a good number of pest infestations might be manageable with over the counter pesticides, traps and home grown measures, termite infestation, more than anyRead More

Termite Facts

Termites 101: A Guide to Recognizing the Opponent Economic Impact, the cold hard facts Since this pest more than any other is capable of inflicting significant damage to property before their presence is often noticeable enough to be detected, vigilance and a thorough knowledge of this most destructive of invasive insects is mandatory for anyRead More